How Sildenafil Found Its Way in Bodybuilding

Contemporary bodybuilding is hardly imaginable without all kinds of supplements that allow athletes to achieve impressive results. In addition to harmful anabolic steroids that are unfortunately quite popular among bodybuilders, there are other effective supplements with many benefits and minimum side effects. One such option is the drug Sildenafil which is well-known among athletes and considered to be a safe way to boost the efficiency of your workouts.

A little bit of history

Even if you haven’t heard of Sildenafil, you should definitely have heard of Viagra. In fact, the latter one is simply the patented brand name of the former one. Sildenafil was developed back in the 1990s as a drug to treat hypertension. However, in addition to positive effects on hypertension, during the clinical trials the drug showed one property that turned out surprising for the developers. More specifically, the medication facilitated firm, long lasting erections in men.

Long story short, in 1998 the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer started to manufacture the first drug for erectile dysfunction under the brand Viagra. Sildenafil is still quite a common drug to treat pulmonary hypertension; however, it is much more popular as an ED drug that so many men sing praise to. Nowadays Sildenafil is manufactured under dozens of different names – Penegra, Kamagra, Silagra are just a few of the most well-known ones.

Non-medical benefits of Sildenafil

Bodybilding is a domain where Sildenafil is used more often than anywhere else for non-medical purposes. There are a few main reasons why this drug has become so popular among both professional and amateur bodybuilders.

Sildenafil is a potent vasodilator. The drug relaxes the blood vessels; they dilate and let more blood flow through them. Increased blood flow means that more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered to the body parts (including muscles) with blood. As you can imagine, muscles that get more nutrients and oxygen grow faster. Additionally, they recover easier after intense workouts as increased blood flow facilitates the removal of lactic acid from muscle fiber.

Another benefit for bodybuilders is that vasodilating properties of Sildenafil have positive effects on the heart and cardiovascular system in general. The drug tends to decrease the athlete’s blood pressure when it may go up during weight lifting and other exhausting exercises. As a result of the dilated blood vessels and normal blood pressure, there is less strain on the heart during intense workouts.