Can Professional Sport Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Engaging in sporting activities is not something that should cause erectile dysfunction. On the contrary, physical exercise is looked upon as beneficial regarding overall health, which also includes sexual potency. Athletes usually have healthy blood circulation and that is one of the most important things when it comes to firm erections.

However, professional sport has certain health risks, and some actions that sportsmen get into might contribute to erectile dysfunction. In addition to injuries that can cause instant damage, there are also factors that might gradually harm the body over time.

Performance pressure and testosterone

Sometimes both the body and the mind of an athlete go through too much stress and pressure during performance. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either physiological or psychological factors, so stress is considered the most frequent psychological factor that often makes it impossible for a man to get and sustain a firm erection. Moreover, that’s not the only way stress impacts a man’s sex life. One of the effects stress has on the male body is that it reduces the level of testosterone. This hormone is essential for sexual potency. In fact, low testosterone is the most common cause of poor sex drive and flaccid erections.

Testosterone is also related to another risk many professional athletes face when it comes to problems with erections. Contemporary top-class sports are impossible without supplements that allow athletes to achieve those high results. So called testosterone boosters are perhaps the most frequently used supplements among both professional and amateur athletes. At the time when you take such a supplement, you can be at your best on the playfield as well as in the bedroom. However, the endocrine system tries to adjust to excess levels of testosterone and tends to decline the natural production of the hormone in the body. As a result, as soon as you stop taking a testosterone supplement, the body will be producing (at least for a short while) less testosterone than it were before you started on the supplement. At these periods, athletes are very likely to experience low libido and even some symptoms of ED. Long-term use of testosterone boosters can lead to a serious disruption to the natural testosterone production by the endocrine system.

Physical impacts and hits

The most obvious danger that professional athletes face is injuries. Contact sports can be physically traumatic. Some of them – like American football, for example – bear more risk than others. Injuries to the groin, pelvic and lower abdomen regions are particularly dangerous with respect to possible erectile complications. Unfortunately, even despite protective gear, such injuries happen occasionally.